Writing for the Web or Blogging Part 2

Welcome to Purposeful Social Media class #3. Wow, we’ve come far.

Let’s review last week. How did writing your about page go?

Please email me a link to your blog jsloss@gmail.com

Today we will cover

  1. Exploring WordPress CMS functionality
  2. RSS and bringing content to us
  3. Twitter with a purpose
  4. Facebooking without Faceplanting
  5. Writing for the web. (extra exploration)

1. Exploring WordPress CMS

  • themes
  • widgets
  • tags / categories
  • pages and posts
  • comments and commenting

2. RSS and Content Curation

Set up a Google RSS reader
How to find blogs and bloggers worth following
Find 5 blogs and subscribe to them.

3. Twitter

Set up an account
Complete your profile completely.

  • Picture
  • bio
  • link to your blog or business website (which is better?)
  • pre populate your account with awesomeness
  • please follow each other. how? #capsocmed

4. Facebook not Face Plant (note: we didn’t cover this in class. We will next class! )

  • The three types of users (Profiles, groups and pages)
  • Which one is right for you?
  • Find a great facebook page, what elements does it have?
  • challenges with visibility
  • Facebook as a subscription

5. Writing for the web ( home exploration )

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6 Responses to Writing for the Web or Blogging Part 2

  1. jeannemikita says:

    It’s much easier to see the screen today…where’s the light switch?

  2. kmillin says:

    There is a lot to learn in Social Media.

  3. frankyloving says:

    Needs help

  4. Jason Sew says:

    Does anybody know where I can find a good clothes hanger for my condo?

  5. Carol Tice says:

    Thanks for the link love! More tips on writing at my site linked above in my name.

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